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Stûv is a Design Stoves specialist.
The company was created in 1983 and even if the beginning was difficult, it increased its turnover by 20 to 30% from 1995 to 2005 and by 100% in 2006. Enjoying good brand awareness in a growing market, Stûv recently met with a slowdown due to the economic crisis in addition to increasing competition.


How to meet the short-term turnover objective?
How to improve the brand awareness?


In order to generate new leads in a short period of time, Adjust proposes an action composed of a mini "responsive design" website boosted by a Google Adwords and POS campaign.
Brand awareness has been boosted by a medium-term campaign consisting of a radio campaign and content production on social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.


The activation campaign generated a lot of registrations in a month. 35% of them were converted into sales.
In November (during the action), sales increased by nearly 20%!
The social networks and corporate website have a constant growth related to the brand budget.

Next step

Activation campaigns on the social networks are scheduled to gather the social community around the brand.
As a producer, Stûv depends on its resellers. That's why a B2B action will provide professional networks with new solutions to improve their marketing efficiency.


After a ten-year absence, Moulinex returned to Belgium in 2010!
After this long period of time, and even though the brand was well known by householders, Moulinex needed to improve its brand awareness and refresh its image.


Give Moulinex a creative and updated image on social networks.
Create a Facebook community around the brand.
Attract new Facebook fans and keep their loyalty.


First of all Adjust created a concept that is sympathetic enough to respect the brand's popularity but original enough to win a place in fan's hearts. The Chef was born!
The newborn is now ready to present a new theme each month (Christmas, Halloween,...) coupled with a range of products.
In addition, he takes part in a contest program aiming to thank the community for their loyalty and at the same time attract new fans.
Finally, a community manager was recruited to manage the Facebook Page while remaining consistent with the strategy implemented.


In two years and with minimal media support, Adjust generated nearly 17.000 Fans with a high level of involvement.

Next step

The Chef will take part in new digital tools such as website and mobile applications.


RichesMonts proposes cheese products, particularly raclette cheese.
A large part of sales is concentrated during the cold period (autumn, winter) and RicheMonts needs to improve its turnover during that period.


Capture the attention of a younger target (students) by appropriating the winter sport period in order to improve January and February turnover.


The agency created a competition via a mini-site based on Facebook Connect which offers web-surfers the opportunity to "Richemonise" their friends, or at least photos of them.
In an instant, each picture magically becomes "mountain sun-tanned" and is posted straight onto the participant's wall, bringing them points that they collect in order to win winter sport trips, etc.
The action is backed up by a bannering and magazine campaign, while the ROI is assured by a POS campaign where additional points are added for purchases of the brand's products.
On the technical side, the Smartphone channel is taken care of via a QR-code present on the advertisements and posters. So while the schuss is not guaranteed, the buzz certainly is!


The numbers of unique visitors on the website confirm that the action was a total success.
According to brand information, January sales improved by nearly 13% and February by more than 16%.


ORES is a new "intercommunale" born from the Electrabel network which supplies gas and electricity, and fixes cables and pipes after storms... in the whole of Wallonia.


Create a new brand identity and build brand awareness.
The identity had to represent sympathy, protection and be representative of the services (gas and electricity).
This new organization has to be rapidly well known by customers who already consume the ORES services under another name.


In addition to the identity, the agency had to develop the whole brand communication : clothing, vehicles, radio spot, website design, activation campaign, graphic chart,...
Sometime later, a brand awareness campaign was launched to reinforce! brand recognition and was composed of digital media and radio.


ORES now benefits from high brand awareness with its target market and is now recognized for its gas and electricity management services.



For the world-famous french brand we created and developed a corporate website in Responsive Web Design to introduce the "Cookeo", new kitchen machine by Moulinex.
We also wrote two mobile applications, iOS and Android, to quickly browse through the 50+ recipes available and never fail at cooking again.


iPad Application

For Stûv we created an iPad application aimed to help B2B business.
Initially developed for Batibouw the app is now used by Stûv's own resellers network.



The VAL BENO!T is an architectural project sustained by the Liège Provincial Development Agency ( SPI ) located at the south entrance of Liège, on the Meuse River. It is aiming to boost business activity in this part of the city by creating an attractive co-working area for companies to settle in. We worked alongside Hoet & Hoet to bring life to a full communication plan including strategy, print and digital.


We have refreshed Seb's brand image and have adapted it to the Belgian market.



In support of the launch of the new Linizio Lungo capsule, Nespresso and Borderline called up the digital skills of Adjust. Our mission: produce a response-oriented mini site presenting a call to action in the form of a film (how to win a breakfast at home) with questions to select the winners.
Connected to the Nespresso Club data base, the action was dediacted exclusively to Nespresso Club members. Results show an impressive number of visitors; proof that members of the Nespresso Club really appreciate the new grands crus!


Journées du feu

Stûv commissioned us for the analysis, the creation and the development of a brand image action.

We have developed a full strategy aimed to improve the digital position of the brand. We have not only developed a website based on a responsive design but have also opened a Brand Channel, a Pinterest and a Facebook Page.To improve the traffic on these digital tools, a radio campaign and POS materials have been produced.Frequent analyses and reports aim to maximize the digital campaign.

Finally, it is through our analysis tool that the digital medias are analyzed and continually improved to ensure the least possible loss of visitors to other digital media.


Cut Cut Contest

The Moulinex brand is back in Belgium after 10 years.
We were contributing to this come back with an action via a Facebook app combined with adverts and presence points of sale.
This viral action is starting well, knowing that the Moulinex Belgium page has already achieved nearly 17,000 'likes' so far.

We also takes in charge the brand community management.



For RichesMonts raclette cheese we created a competition with the aim of capturing the attention of a younger public via a mini-site based on Facebook Connect & which offers web-surfers the opportunity to 'Richemonise' their friends, or at least photos of them.

In an instant, each pic magically becomes 'mountain sun-tanned' and posted straight onto the participant's wall, earning them points that they collect in order to win winter sport trips, etc. The action is backed up by a bannering and magazine campaign, while the ROI is assured by a POS campaign where additional points are added for purchases of the brand's products.

On the technical side, the Smartphone channel is taken care of via a QR-code present on the advertisements and posters.
So while the schuss is not guaranteed, the buzz certainly is!


Time experience

Commissioned by EuroRSCG to help them build an activation campaign for Chokotoff, we imagined a concept based on a "Time Experience" that invites the user to play games in a precise amount of time, like a Chokotoff in the mouth. This project was a postponed

Etap Hotel

Missing Room

Flash news : an Etap hotel room has recently disappeared ! On the web, in train stations and cinemas, the Accor group, European market leader for low cost hotel rooms, is looking for adventurers to find the Missing Room ! We created the web part, the bannering and the printed support of the campaign.



ORES supplies gas and electricity, fixes cables and pipes after storms... in the whole Wallonia.

We Created of a flipbook for the animation of the communication campaign and a dynamic form to fill with your postcode to receive direct information.
The communication department and the IT department of ORES have a full access to the website thanks to a CMS development.

We also were in charge of the templates creation for the corporate site, by supplying different pictures ready for cut-out and HTML conversion.


Van de Frit and sales leads

For SEB and SEB's revolutionary "one-oil-spoon" fryer Actifry, we conceptualized the "Van de Frit" family.

We digitalized the concept ( website, social networks, action mini-websites, bannering ) and used it in print ( POS and brochures )

We also worked on increasing brand reputation using Facebook contests and community management.
And it was effective: the Facebook page gained 10000+ fans in two weeks time.

Finally we have been commissioned by the brand to recruit sales leads.
We used an action mini-website ( ) supported by Google ads, remarketing and e-mailing campaigns.


Corporate and recruitment

In addition to the creation of the new belgian corporate brand site we also have been asked to conduct a sales lead recruitment campaign.
We handled it with a mini-website connected with Google Ads, remarketing and e-mailings.

As for now, we collected hundreds of datas in exchange for a reduction coupon.


Systemat Cloud

Adjust sends Systemat up to the "Cloud"

Systemat gave Adjust the opportunity to handle the launching campaign of its new Cloud offer in Belgium and Luxemburg. After having designed both digital and corporate identities for Systemat Cloud and a didactical 2 minutes animated movie, the agency produced a website ( ) introducing a brand new "Cloud" character especially created the occasion.

To activate the product, a digital campaign was set on track to enhance brand awareness via bannering, Google Ads, Google Remarketing, LinkedIn and Facebook.

In the meantime, an action based on the corporate was launched to offer to the targeted audience a free migration of all their IT tools to the Systemat Cloud ( )