• The challenge

    Rowenta is a key player in the market for vacuum cleaners. Maintaining its position as a “generalist” vacuum cleaner manufacturer while boosting the sales of its “handstick” range is the challenge!

  • Background

    In Belgium, there are 5 million households and counting. Of course, Rowenta Vacuum cleaners are built to last. But considering the fact that handsticks are usually seen as second vacuum cleaners and that Rowenta gains market share every year, we can say that this brand has a bright future ahead! :-)

  • Solution

    Telling the story of the brand and focusing on handstick cleaners, across the marketing funnel. The agency uses specific tools to ensure that the consumer is presented with the right vacuum cleaner range (handstick, bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners). Customers then enter the loyalty program.
    Specific KPIs are also assigned to each step of the funnel. As a result, Rowenta attracts new consumers every day and continues to offer cutting edge solutions.

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Rowenta is a German manufacturer of small household appliances and is positioned in Belgium as the vacuum cleaner and air cleaner specialist.

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