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  • Human hand reaching for a robotic hand

    CRM Automation: Starting the conversation at the right time

    Strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Some work better than others, but in any case reactivity is key.

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  • Multiple people on the streets

    Online reviews Know your basics

    Amazon, Yelp, Google my Business, Choice, Trip Advisor, social media, etcetera: enter the maze that can make or break sales and services.

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  • Close-up on a phone with YouTube opened

    Storytelling 101 Why you need it, now

    No one wants disarticulated content conveying nothing but just another desperate attempt at getting a product or service in front of potential customers.

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  • Data in a numeric cloud

    Marketing efforts Optimization through CRM

    Ditch good old Excel sheets and find out what CRM tools can do for you.

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